Quick guide to Om or is it Aum?


Om is an ancient sanskrit word and usually chanted as A-U-M.
Om is both the sound of creation of the universe,
and the sound of silence.



Om is usually a word we chant at the beginning and end of a yoga class, to make us grounded and in a calm state to begin and end our physical practice. But Om is more than just a symbol or a sound that we make. Here are a few quick facts:

  1. Om is a sacred sound and spiritual icon in Hindu religion.
  2. The symbol and sound are used in every day life of a Hindu.
  3. It represents all existence, our world around us, through our prana or breath.
  4. Om is made up of three Sanskrit letters, aa, au and ma – AUM.
  5. Om is used during meditation, usually as a chant so it creates vibration.
  6. It’s after the vibration and chanting, it’s within the silence that the mind clears.


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Om can be used in a variety of mantras, here are a few to try maybe in your everyday life. Or try before your physical yoga practice.


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