Quick guide to Om or is it Aum?


Om is an ancient sanskrit word and usually chanted as A-U-M.
Om is both the sound of creation of the universe,
and the sound of silence.



Om is usually a word we chant at the beginning and end of a yoga class, to make us grounded and in a calm state to begin and end our physical practice. But Om is more than just a symbol or a sound that we make. Here are a few quick facts:

  1. Om is a sacred sound and spiritual icon in Hindu religion.
  2. The symbol and sound are used in every day life of a Hindu.
  3. It represents all existence, our world around us, through our prana or breath.
  4. Om is made up of three Sanskrit letters, aa, au and ma – AUM.
  5. Om is used during meditation, usually as a chant so it creates vibration.
  6. It’s after the vibration and chanting, it’s within the silence that the mind clears.


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Om can be used in a variety of mantras, here are a few to try maybe in your everyday life. Or try before your physical yoga practice.


Are you an Aries?

Aries  –  March 21st to April 19th

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac

Zodiac Star Sign Aries Yellow Cord Bracelet

Aries is a fire sign, with it’s ruler being Mars.

A few quick facts…

  1. Lucky Colour – Red
  2. Lucky Day – Tuesday
  3. Lucky Numbers – 1, 8, 17
  4. Best Compatibility – Libra, Leo

Aries – the Flying Ram Guided by the story of the Golden Fleece, an Aries is ready to be the hero of the day, fly away and carry many endangered, powerless people on their back. The power of the ram is carried on his back, for he is the gold itself, shiny and attractive to those ready for betrayal. The story of glory that isn’t easy to carry is in these two horns, and if this animal doesn’t get shorn, allowing change and giving someone a warm sweater, they won’t have much to receive from the world. Each Aries has a task to share their position, power, gold, or physical strength with other people willingly, or the energy will be stopped in its natural flow, fear will take over, and the process of giving and receiving will hold balance at zero.

This little fishy went to market, and learnt a few lessons…

So I jumped into the deep end and held my first market stall, I did it and let’s just say it’s a good job I can tread water.

In the run up to the market I was so frantic with worry and anxiety. All these things too…

“Have I made enough, will it sell, do i need to do that, I think I need more. I need to make the best stall display. Take photo’s, tweet everything. Shall I buy sweets?..Scroll internet for the perfect sweets…what?! No, no I don’t need to offer freebie sweets. I’m selling jewellery not sweets. I’ll make my own chocolates, WHAT?! STOP!”

I went into what was a spiral of all I could think about was this one market stall, on a Saturday morning. One stall, my first. To me it was a big deal, now I’m on this new venture of mine I wanted it to be a sell out.

So the Saturday morning I woke up, snow was falling…Snow?! Where did that come from, (I do realise it came down from the clouds) But this wasn’t supposed to happen, not today. So I contemplated on just giving the market a miss.

“No one will be out in this, it’s freezing…damp and raining”

But I didn’t, because it’s important to go through with things. As you will always be wondering what would of happened…(Also I had £20 to make back too) But that’s not the point..(honest)

So I arrive at the stall, and get all my handmade necklaces and bracelets. All laid out as to what I practiced on the dining table. But the rain was hammering down and so I squashed it all up one side of the table. Making it look small and really not too much to look at. But I always like to make the best of a bad situation, carried on.

9 o’clock came……then 10, 10.30am made first sale!!!

People were looking, commenting “You may as well pack up love, and go home!” Yeah it made me angry as I thought, why should I just give up. It would be easy enough to just pack up and go. I’m standing there can’t feel my legs, hands and face it was so cold. Struggling to look like I want to be there, put a smile on my face an be polite to customers. I want to make a go of my new venture, selling handmade necklaces and bracelets. I need to start somewhere….this is it. I’m not going to give up today, because the conditions aren’t perfect. Or maybe the rain is hammering down, making my stall all the more wet. No! I’m staying put mate! Just because you think it’s not worth it, this is more than worth it. Trial and error.

So I did in the end make it through, made my money back  -£2 of the profit (which was spent on a coffee to warm my hands up…they were like blocks of ice, well worth the loss of profit)

So I have another stall booked…


If you have never heard of The Ruskin Glass Centre it’s an awesome place. There will be many handmade crafts from various resident makers there. It’ll be a great day out.
Note: Aqua Rose is available on my Etsy store – The Beaming Fish

So I am currently still working on getting my stuff together for this Spring Fayre.

Here are the lessons I’m learning from…

  1. Don’t panic.. (very important) I find as soon as I do, everything goes pear shaped.
  2. Plan before you make, create anything. Don’t waste.
  3. Time management, set aside the days/nights you’re going to work on making then set aside the days/nights you’re not making. You need to time away from it, allow yourself to look over what you’ve done already. This also allows you thinking/breathing time so you don’t wear yourself out.
  4. Ask people’s opinions, get advice. See what other’s are doing. Just so you can improve, change and add in certain things to your range so you can make those sales.
  5. Document everything you make, take photo’s, note down ideas you have for a later date maybe. Keep track of your progress. Then it gives you content to use for social media, blogs and also allows customers to see more of how you make things. Also revisiting ideas, you can try them out at a market and then you can make more of those ideas that sell. Note: I made a few of ‘Lucky Elephant’ charm cords, these were a great seller for me. So I have made more, and hearing from customers asking if I had any owl charms. This is another charm I’ve added to my range. Feedback and keeping ideas all helps!
  6. Get some sleep….(you wouldn’t believe how much I struggled to sleep each night. So when the market came I was tired, not good!)

So these are just a few lessons, I’m sure there will be more…

But come along, it’ll be a great day out!

Symbols and Meanings – Tree of Life


Tree of Life

The symbol carries meaning across many cultures and in many spiritual traditions around the world. It symbolises life itself, with the branches reaching for the stars and the roots buried in the earth. It has many qualities linked to the symbol:

  • Wisdom
  • Strength
  • Protection
  • Beauty
  • Redemption

The Tree of Life has become a common symbol of life, ancestry, mythology, lessons of spirit, history and hope for the future. The thought of the branches and twigs climbing upwards to the stars. Trees may look the same, but when they grow and establish. When they may have been battered by storms and weather, become broken, then they age and become very unique.

I have used The Tree of Life in my Aqua Rose :

Aqua Rose – Colourful blush pink tassel necklace.

Symbols and Meanings – Buddha


The Buddha

Buddha is a Sanskrit word that means “the awakened one”

It represents the life of Siddhartha, an Indian prince that gave up his throne, riches and lavish lifestyle to look for true meaning and happiness in life. They are symbolic as well as spiritual representation of the enlightened one’s wisdom and knowledge. The Indian prince studied for years with religious prophets and went on a six-year journey to share what he believed was the way. In order to achieve real peace and happiness learning from the Indian prince would hopefully set you on that path. His teaching is know as the Dharma. The Buddha head is normally depicted with curly, short hair, half-closed eyes and a faint smile.

I use Buddha heads in the making of my necklaces see below:

The Beaming Fish on Etsy